Filmmakers statement

'Alone' started from a place of curiosity. I thought about the things I do alone, and how odd they seemed to me-- how differently I behave, compared to when other people are around. 

When I started looking around for subjects to film, I was amazed by the response. People I'd known for years emailed me out of nowhere, sharing secrets. One confessed she smelled her underwear sometimes because it somehow confirmed her life force to herself. Even if they didn't want to be in the film, I could tell these secrets indicated something fundamental to who they were-- they were things they can't share easily with people, but that some part of them really desired to. 

The intimacy of the shoot was incredible. People opened up to us when I shared where my heart was for this story, and the connections on our small set where visceral, emotional. The director's monitor I held from a distance sometimes felt like a lightning rod, and the shoots almost always ended the opposite of how they'd begin, warm, open, and honest, with the sensation of cathartic relief that connection with other humans gives us. 

I hoped to create a piece that communicated the intimacy of being alone-- catalogue the emotional experiences we share, separately, and also joined people together. I know i can say it was freeing for me, as I realized that the things I do alone aren't that strange or unique. That I share more with people who I'd assumed I would share little, or nothing at all. 


Phinehas Hodges

John Pope

Olivia Vaughn

Phinehas Hodges
Steve Hoover

Executive Producer
Danny Yourd

Nathan Robinson

Sound Mix
Defacto Sound

Allan Stallard
Carver Koella
Alex Knell
Igor Spreckic
Graham Jacoby
Ida Jacoby
Maralynn Jacoby
Tyler Kendrick
Emma Hodges
Christophe Parker
Walter Rosado
Michael Shahen
Adrienne Wehr
‘Bike Mike’ 
Tristan Reid